Dave Rock


Dave can make magic happen everytime he speaks and he knows you can too. He has worked with CEOs, coaches, leaders, teachers, award winning performing artists, alternative communities, asylum seekers and teens. People like you, who go out there and give heart and soul to what they do.

He has been onstage and in training for 20 years, from theatre to spoken word, freestyle and storytelling, then as a speaker and teacher for the last 10 years.  In his own words, “Watching folks embracing their shaky, goofy, secret needy side and their courageous, compassionate, magnificent side at the same time, gives me ridiculous levels of joy.


- Taught and coached thousands of people. 

- Taught authentic speaking, storytelling, creative writing, comedy, comedy improv, freestyling, conscious creativity, Laughter Yoga, visualisation, secular ritual, conscious communication, leadership and team skills, conscious relationships, and other stuff I've forgotten.    

- Worked with performing artists who had already won awards for their shows, to make their work more magic.  .  

- Written hundreds of on the spot personal poems for others. Ran a team of prestigious poets doing this all over Ireland. 

- Placed in the top ranks of all of Ireland's major poetry slams. 

- Done countless shows using nothing but freestyle co-created poetry. 

- Toured Ireland's sitting rooms to re-awaken Bardic gifts in everyone. 

- Been scared to shine, and acted like a muppet on crack. 

- Created content for global online personal growth companies. 

- Acted as communications and team-work facilitator for big start-up projects. 

- Held wedding and naming ceremonies described as the 'most beautiful experience of our lives.'

- Co-led rites of passage experiences for large groups of teens.

- Co-led Men's Work.  

- Spent way too much time in escapism. 

- Tried to play 'the game' and gone crazy. 

- Been a PhD Fellow, a chef, a shoplifting genius (I've since repaid all those shops), an honorary hospital clown, a playwright, and currently working on my first novel. 



"If you do one thing this year folks, work with Dave! 

You will benefit massively from what Dave has to offer! 

His wisdom is mind blowing and I promise you, you will 

enhance your life in so many ways... So as I said if 

you do one thing this year ...work with Dave!"        -Marie Bradley, Health Concepts

Check out his website, http://www.flowspeaking.com