Personal Stories - Nov 22

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Storytelling afternoon online. 
How is the pearl made in the sea? On the bottom of the ocean, a grain of sand enters the shell, there in the moist darkness, the constant irritation creates a wound. The harder layers that form in the healing process create the beautiful pearl. Our lives are made of countless experiences, some joyful, and some hard and unsolved. In this week's session, we will look at how those experiences can be taken and formed into tales conveying a powerful universal message.
You will dig into your own life and share some of your memories while getting some valuable tips on how to craft and perform your stories in order to captivate your audience.
Date: Nov 22
TIME: 10am - 3pm
    The course shall be lead by professional storyteller Raphael Rodan & professional comedian, Aidan Killian.
    Sign up now for only €75 or email with any questions. If you are interested in the full course which is three sessions  (Personal, Tricksters, and Folklore) email