Folklore Stories - Nov 21

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    Storytelling workshop online.
    If you investigate humanity's greatest teachers you will find out that their wisdom is often expressed through the means of a story. The story about Buddha meeting the killer Angulimala. A killer so cruel that he was wearing a necklace made of the fingers of his victims, and the Buddha transformed him into a peaceful man only by the power of his compassion. Or the great Sufi teacher Rumi that told a story about a parrot freeing itself from the golden cage of its master as a metaphor for the breaking out of our own limitations. These are just two examples of Folktales from around the world. These stories have been shared for decades between teacher and student, grandmother and her children, or the tribe's Shaman. 
    In this week's session, the participant will receive one of these ancient stories, and through a series of exercises to learn how to create your own unique version of it.
    The course shall be led by professional storyteller Raphael Rodan & professional comedian, Aidan Killian.
    Date: Nov 21nd,  
    TIME: 10am - 3pm